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Muulamu Children's Center

Where It All Began


This is the hut where Marxon was raised. Now, there are several buildings on the same property which is home to 72 children and growing.

Children of Joy


The children are full of joy at Muulamu where they are nurtured and loved.



Founder of Muulamu Children's Center, Marxon Wanyama with his wife Becks and daughter Deborah

   Hidden Manna Ministries International Affiliate, Marxon Wanyama of Uganda grew up as an orphan. He was blessed to be sponsored financially by another Christian ministry which enabled a loving Christian couple, Joseph and Grace, to raise Him. Marxon grew up with a passion to serve Jesus with all of his heart; one of the many ways being to help orphans just as he was once helped.

Marxon's dream became a reality in 2010 when the Muulamu Children's Center began (formerly known as Jesus is Alive Children's Center and River of Revival Orphanage) . It started with less than 20 children. Presently there are 72 children, and is still growing rapidly.

   The Muulamu Children's Center is located on the same property that Marxon grew up on. Joseph and Grace now assist Marxon in helping these orphans. 

Learn More

For more information about the orphanage. to sponsor a child, or to make a donation, please visit the Muulamu Children's Center by clicking link below.